Vision is a MUST!

How many of you were told “you can be anything you want to be” when you were growing up? I know I was and I believe most children used to be told that. But how many of you know that when you were getting near graduation, the phrase you heard was a beating to a different drum? Did it go something like this “get your head out of the clouds”, “…WHAT!, you’re going to do what!? HA HA”, “go find yourself a good company that will take care of you” or “why are you looking at those, you could never get one of those”. I’m sure that most of you heard something along those lines at some point through school. Why does that phrase change? Is it because they don’t believe that you can achieve what you want? I don’t believe that, because what parent wouldn’t want the best for their child. Or is it because they were brought down around that age and were told the same things and then they lost hope?

Things are changing very quickly in today’s society. The only problem is that it is starting to slide down a slippery slope on a banana peel! What happened to that encouragement of yester-year? I believe it’s still out there but it has just been suppressed for so long that no one taps into it anymore.

What I want to talk about is vision. Vision can fall into a few different categories: Goals, Dreams, and Perspective.  What vision is according to best-selling author of “Launching a Leadership Revolution” and “Resolved”, and founder of LIFE, Orrin Woodward, “Vision is tomorrows reality expressed as an idea today”. Unless someone has vision to some extent, they will just remain the same, going on through LIFE with no direction, no hope. (Believe me, I’ve been there!) It is much easier to stay the same, or to not make changes in one’s life. The problem is that when someone or something doesn’t change it goes backwards. As Chris Brady, co-founder of LIFE, best-selling author of “Rascal” and “Launching a Leadership Revolution” says, “Life is like going up a down escalator, you’re either going up or down there is no standing still.”  But, life begins to get easier when someone makes changes in the correct direction.  To change, someone has to have a passion, a burn to be somewhere or someone else. Remember as my personal mentor, Bob Rasmussen, says “where there is no vision people parish”. When someone has a clear vision of where or who they want to be, they will stop at nothing until they get it! The subconscious mind will begin to dream up ways to accomplish that vision.

In the book “The Ant and the Elephant” Vince Poscente compares our conscious mind to an ant in size, using only 2000 neurons in one second of brain activity. Our ant is the “doer”, the one who springs to action to accomplish something. When something isn’t working, the ant’s thought is “Well I’ll just work harder.”  The only problem is that a year goes by and he is no closer to where he wants to be because he hasn’t defined where he wanted to go.

Vince goes on to compare our subconscious mind to an elephant, using 4,000,000,000 neurons! When someone begins to tap into their elephant, they begin to get traction in the direction they are going because they clearly defined it. But, the elephant or ant by themselves is not enough. The reason is because if someone just sits around and pictures stuff all day and takes no action toward that vision, it would be impossible to accomplish it. Or if someone just works and works with no direction they won’t get anything accomplished either. When someone gets their ant and elephant truly in line that’s when progress starts to occur. The elephant begins to come up with ways to accomplish the goal that is vividly set in his mind. With a clear vision it is much easier for someone to get out of their comfort zone and begin to stretch themselves. The key here is to be tied into a mentor of some sort; someone who has the results that you want. With tying into a mentor, a clear vision of where you want to be, the willingness to do the work, keep score on where you are at the present time and to adjust where needed you can literally accomplish anything that you set out for. When you begin to start to get results in those areas that needed fixing, amazingly your critics that were telling you “Get your head out of the clouds”, will begin to waiver and doubt what they told you in the first place!

So in closing, You CAN achieve anything. Dig into the information. Keep fine-tuning your vision, and you can begin to live the life you always wanted and begin to Stay Strong.

God Bless

Jeremy Pethke