The Hourglass

Kristen’s words here are wise beyond her years. I have had the pleasure to know Kristen for a few years now, and she is one the youngest, most insightful, women I know. She has had many obstacles hit her life, and has more ahead of her. But she takes them in stride because she has a faith that many people never achieve. Kristen is influencing many lives already and I believe she is already creating a legacy, like a Jackie Lewis, whether she believes it or not.
God bless and enjoy!

Kristen Seidl - Living an Intentional Life

Sometimes I lay in bed at night and think about the day’s events and just wonder if all of this is real? I have to pinch myself just to make sure that I am alive. It’s on nights like these, when my mind will just not shut off, that I reflect on how strong God made man to be.

grandmaThis past Monday I had to bury my grandma. She was my last living grandparent and a woman who stole my heart while she walked this earth. We had a very special bond that I believe very few grand-kids develop with a grandparent. I never imagined living my life without her and now that she is gone, it has made each day just a little bit more empty. She lived her life as a reflection of who Jesus Christ was. She was self-less, loving and forgiving. She lived a full life…

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