Jeremy Pethke

Bio: Jeremy was born into a small-town family of two sisters and both parents. His father Jay is a mechanic by trade and owns his own business; his mother Cindy works at a large meat distributor. Jeremy learned a lot of work ethic from his parents. His father saw the changes in the economy and an opportunity came up to start his own mechanic shop. Through hard work and a lot of hours spent getting his business going he had become very successful through that trade. Jeremy was brought up on an uncle's farm where he started to learn some discipline and work ethic. He always felt a bit of a pull in a different direction but could never figure out which way it was. Jeremy went to school, got great grades and graduated with a technical degree, just like he was taught in grade/high school. He started working for his father in the mechanical field. Soon he found out that it was not what he was called to do. That was still where he probably would have stayed and taken over had a relative not had the courage to introduce him to a leadership development plan. A plan that would change the course of his life forever. It was a business based on educating North Americans of the Information Age way of thinking. Through that true education Jeremy was able to start tackling some consumer debt and also meet the one woman God made for him, Samantha. They both started implementing the leadership information from the Life Leadership Company and started seeing huge results in all areas of their life. Their journey is far from over, God willing, and they feel that they have been very blessed and believe that it is their duty to pass that forward. God Bless

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